SEED – Solutions for the Environment, Economy, and Democracy



Quality of life for growing numbers of people on the planet is threatened by a set of integrated, systemic problems in the environment and our economic and political systems. SEED is an evolving international network of scholar/activists, advocates, and practitioners who seek to address these integrated, systemic problems in a similarly integrated fashion. We are working at multiple levels in SEED. One is a high level: seeking to develop simple communication strategies, focused on basic and enduring questions such as “how can we live within the limits of the planet?”, “what kind of economy do we want?”, and “what kind of democracy do we want?”. Another, more specific, level involves working through the details of policy and exploring how this vision could actually unfold in terms of economics, laws, and so forth. The projects at the different levels mutually inform each other: keeping the basic, enduring questions in mind focuses the policy work and gives it a chance of being relevant, while doing the policy investigations keeps the basic questions grounded in ones that have a larger chance of making societal impacts and helps make the visions more concrete.

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