Degrowth futures and democracy – SEED

Degrowth futures and democracy

Claudio Cattaneo, Giacomo D’Alisa, Giorgos Kallis, Christos Zografos

On shaping socio-economic movements for a degrowth future

Degrowth is a broader project of ‘‘escaping the economy’’, re-embedding economic functions and decisions within the social and political sphere and hence deepening and re-politicizing our democracies [6,33]. Controlling and scaling down the run-away, exponentially and autonomously growing technological system [34] is part and parcel of this process of reasserting popular control over collective destiny. The relationship between degrowth as a process and a radical socio-political project, and democracy (in its various facets, such as liberal, deliberative, direct, radical, inclusive, etc.) is the connecting thread for the contributions to this special issue. Our contributors look at the reasons for a degrowth transition, the politics of the transition and the role different political and economic may actors play in it, and its relationship to different institutional arrangements at different scales. Before presenting the contributions, we briefly recap on some historical contributions to the debate and then introduce the emerging social-scientific movement of degrowth linking it to the process that produced the intellectual work presented here.

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