Sustainable Consumption and Production – SEED

Sustainable Consumption and Production

Emmanuel Prinet

How governments, businesses, and consumers can influence sustainable production and consumption

The concept of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) is a whole‚Äźsystems approach through which to consider the practical means of aligning economic systems to meet the needs of current and future generations within the ecological carrying capacity of the Earth. It examines our needs and values as a society, and applies a lifecycle and value chain perspective to the production and consumption of goods and services, and includes categories such as food systems, the building sector, households, infrastructure, transportation, consumer items, large infrastructure (e.g. waste operations), etc. Shaping and transforming the production and consumption system requires the participation and collaboration of all key actors in society, notably government, business and industry as well as communities, civil society and NGOs, who need to work together to establish the structures through which sustainable patterns of production and consumption arise.

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